Chandrika K. Tandon

Tandon Capital Associates
Leadership, Policy, and Communications
Business, Corporate, and Philanthropic Leadership
Chandrika Tandon is a humanitarian, global business leader, and Grammy-nominated musician who creates change through her work in higher education, the arts, wellbeing, and public service. One of the earliest women leaders in the business world, Chandrika pioneered a measurable approach to transforming financial institutions through her firm, Tandon Capital Associates, generating billions of dollars of market cap. As the Founder and Chair of the Krishnamurthy Tandon Foundation, she works with the same tenacity to serve humanity and inspire others to do the same. With over two decades of leadership roles in higher education and the arts, including serving as a Trustee at New York University, Ms. Tandon has been a tireless champion for access to educational opportunities, particularly in STEM related fields. Aside from her philanthropic work, Ms. Tandon is an established composer and vocalist. She uses the arts to bridge cultures and forge unexpected connections across an array of disciplines. For her contributions, she has been profiled on television, radio, and in print, including in CNBC’s “The Brave Ones” series, and has received numerous honors.
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