Claire Adjiman

Imperial College London
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Engineering and Technology
International Honorary Member

Claire Sandrine Jacqueline Adjiman is a professor of Chemical Engineering at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. She is the Director of Centre for Process Systems Engineering at Imperial College London and is the co-director of the Institute of Molecular Science and Engineering at Imperial College London.

Her research focuses on integrating molecular level decisions into process design, property prediction and optimization. She is an expert in engineering molecular systems and works with the oil and gas industry, solid oxide fuel cells, and CO2 capture.

Adjiman is on the editorial board of the journals Molecular Systems Design & Engineering and Fluid Phase Equilibria. She is an Associate Editor for the journals Chemical Engineering Science and Journal of Global Optimization. Adjiman received a master's degree in chemical engineering from Imperial College London and a PhD from Princeton University.

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