Daniel Zajfman

Weizmann Institute of Science
Leadership, Policy, and Communications
Educational and Academic Leadership
International Honorary Member
Zajfman is a physicist and a visionary and strategic leader as President of the Weizmann Institute of Science. He has led outstanding investments in interdisciplinary sciences, bridging physical and life sciences. He conceived and raised endowments for recruitment of women faculty and extra support of Israeli women competing for postdocs in top labs abroad with the extra costs of bringing and supporting a family. Under his leadership, the Weizmann Institute of Science has built several major facilities such as the Stephen and Nancy Grand Israel National Center for Personalized Medicine, the Moross Integrated Cancer Center, the Lopatie Conference Centre and many others. He has increased the proportion of international postdocs at the Institute. Today, the Weizmann ranks sixth globally in "research excellence" according to Nature innovation index. He is widely recognized as an advocate for science internationally.
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