Dante Cicchetti

University of Minnesota
Developmental psychopathologist; Educator
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Psychological Sciences
Recognized for his contributions to the literatures on developmental psychopathology; the developmental consequences of child maltreatment; neural plasticity and sensitive periods; the impact of traumatic experiences upon brain development; the biology and psychology of unipolar and bipolar mood disorders; the interrelationships among molecular genetic, neurobiological, socio-emotional, cognitive, linguistic and representational development in normal and pathological populations; the study of attachment relations and representational models of the self and its disorders across the life span; multilevel perspectives on resilience; and multilevel evaluations of Randomized Control Trial (RCT) interventions for depressed and maltreated children and adolescents. Editor of Bipolar Disorder: A Developmental Psychopathology Approach (2010, with D. J. Miklowitz), and founding editor of Development and Psychopathology which, through his leadership, has become the primary outlet in his field.
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