David Autor

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Social and Behavioral Sciences
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts - Professor of Economics. Researches topics such as human capital and earnings inequality, labor market impacts of technological change, and labor market operation. Work on the determinants of inequality is widely cited and influential. Studies of the conjecture that information technology, particularly the computer, is replacing routine tasks previously performed by middle-skill workers have become the foundation of research on interactions between technology and labor market outcomes. Contributed research on the role of temporary help agencies and on the effects of disability insurance on labor market outcomes. Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Economic Perspectives. Served on the Standing Committee on Oversight and Operation of the American Economic Association; the review panel on the Occupational Information Network (O*Net) of the National Academy of Sciences' Committee on National Statistics; and on the editorial boards of American Economic Journal: Applied Economics and the Journal of Labor Economics. Fellow, Society of Labor Economists. Received the career Award from the National Science Foundation, an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship, and the Sherwin Rosen Prize for outstanding contributions in the field of labor economics.

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