Debora L. Spar

Harvard Business School
Academic administrator; Political scientist; Writer (essayist)
Leadership, Policy, and Communications
Educational and Academic Leadership
Trained political scientist and administrator, researching the international political economy, examining new or emerging markets and how firms and governments shape the evolving global economy. Writes for such diverse publications as the New England Journal of Medicine, Foreign Affairs, and The New York Times; on the economics of the human fertility industry and the evolution of the Internet. At Barnard, brought her concern for the Advancement of Liberal Arts and administrative skills to a college dedicated to advancing women as leaders. Created a Visiting International Students Program, a global symposium on women's issues, and encouraged Barnard students to engage in foreign exchange programs. Member, Council on Foreign Relations and serves on several not-for-profit boards. Prior to coming to Barnard, Spar was the Spangler Family Professor at Harvard Business School and Senior Associate Dean, Director of Research.
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