Eli N. Evans

Charles H. Revson Foundation
New York, NY
Foundation executive; Historian; Writer (essayist)
Leadership, Policy, and Communications
Educational and Academic Leadership


Eli N. Evans is the current President at the Charles H. Revson Foundation since 1977. Before his presidency, he served as speech writer to former President Johnson (1964-65), as Director at Duke University to former North Carolina Governor Terry Sanford's Study of American States (1965-67), and as Senior Program Executive of the Carnegie Corporation (1967-77). Additionally, he is the author of The Provincials: A Personal History of Jews in the South; Judah P. Benjamin: The Jewish Confederate, and The Lonely Days Were Sundays: Reflections of a Jewish Southerner. Evans is a member of Carnegie Commission on the Future of Public Broadcasting (1977-79), North Carolina Task Force on Public Telecommunications (1977-79), Commission on Jewish Education in North America (1989-90), and International Commission of Diaspora Israeli-relations (1995-97).

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