Emanuel Tov

Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Religion scholar; Language and literary scholar; Editor; Educator
Humanities and Arts
Religious Studies
International Honorary Member
Emanuel Tov is internationally recognized as the editor-in-chief of the Dead Sea Scrolls publication project and as the world's leading authority on the textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible. Tov was chosen in 1990 to organize an international team of scholars, and with a diplomatic combination of firmness, humane understanding, and encouragement, he successfully guided the full publication to completion. Whereas the original team had published only seven volumes in thirty-four years (1955-1989), under Tov's leadership thirty-three volumes were published in twenty years (1990-2010). Furthermore, Tov has written two handbooks, one on the Greek translation of the Bible, and The Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible (3rd edition 2011). The depth and comprehensiveness of that book is unmatched.
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