Evgeny Nudler

New York University
Biochemist; Molecular geneticist; Educator
Biological Sciences
Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology
Nudler's pioneering studies are exceptional in their importance and range: (1) He discovered RNA polymerase backtracking and ratcheting, and showed that these phenomena play key roles in controlling gene expression, DNA repair, and genomic stability. (2) In 2002, Nudler discovered first ligand-sensing mRNAs (riboswitches) that regulate numerous bacterial genes. (3) In 2006, Nudler isolated a complex composed of the translation elongation factor eEF1A1 and non-coding RNA (RNA thermosensor) that is required for activation of heat shock genes in mammals. (4) Nudler has shown that endogenously produced gases NO and H2S protect bacteria from oxidative stress, immune attack, and various antibiotics.
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