Froma I. Zeitlin

Princeton University
Language and literary scholar; Educator
Humanities and Arts
Literature and Language Studies

She has done pioneering work on ancient Greek literature, especially, in the fields of epic (Homer and Hesiod, drama (both tragedy and comedy) and the novel, with attention to ritual, social, erotic, and gendered aspects of these genres in their historical contexts. She brought the work of Jean-Pierre Vernant, Nicole, Loraux, and Pierre Vidal-Naquet, among other French classicists, to the attention of American scholars. While she continues to publish on all the above literary and cultural issues, her current focus has been on vision, figuration, and image from Homer to the Greek romances of the Second Sophistic and beyond, with an emphasis on material representations and the visual uncanny.  Additionally, she expanded her interests to include studies of generic variations in the literature of the Holocaust under the auspices of Comparative Literature.  She posts her available essays on

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