G. John Ikenberry

Princeton University
International affairs scholar; Political scientist; Educator
Leadership, Policy, and Communications
Public Affairs and Public Policy

Ikenberry is a leading theorist of international relations whose work has mapped the origins and rise of the liberal modern world order.  His scholarship is reflected in After Victory (2001), which won the Schroeder-Jervis Award presented by the American Political Science Association for the best book in international history and politics.  His book, Liberal Leviathan (2011), offered a major statement on the character of global order as it took shape and evolved under American leadership in the 20th century. Ikenberry brings the insights of theory and history to the study of the formal and informal institutions that have shaped the international relations of powers, great and small.  This work is at the center of scholarly and public intellectual debates about the rise and fall of global order, liberal internationalism, grand strategy, and the sources of cooperation among states.   Along the way, Ikenberry's work has also helped shape the discourse and the practice of American foreign policy, doing so through writings such as Forging a World of Liberty Under Law (2006) and influential essays in the journal Foreign Affairs.  During 2013-14, Ikenberry was the 72nd George Eastman Professor at Balliol College, Oxford University. Throughout his distinguished career, Ikenberry has been a leading thinker and advocate for a liberal strategy of creating world order.

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