Guillermo R. Sapiro

Duke University
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics
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Professor Guillermo Sapiro is the Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. College Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Professor of Biomedical Engineering; Professor of Computer Science at Duke University. Sapiro is one of the most influential scholars in mathematical imaging, contributing to geometric PDEs, metric theory (Inaugural Science Talk for Gromov's Abel Prize), and optimization. He transferred technology to Adobe, NIH, NASA/JPL Mars expedition, medical imaging (ITK and FSL), and leads the team that developed the leading ResearchKit app for autism. He is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the SIAM, Journal on Imaging Sciences. He inspires the Latino community, founding the image processing group in Uruguay and supervising numerous Latino students. Via Coursera he educated 150,000 students. He exemplifies applied math and emerging fields, bridging multiple sections.

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