Haim Harari

Weizmann Institute of Science
Physicist; Educator; Academic administrator
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
International Honorary Member


Professor Haim Harari is the Annenberg Professor of High Energy Physics at the Weizmann Institute and founding chairman at the Davidson Institute of Science Education Israel at HEMDA Tel-Aviv Science Teaching Center and IST Austria (Institute of Science and Technology). He is a high energy physicist who contributed to the fields of particle physics, science education, and science administration and policy. Additionally, he was first to synthesize the full standard model of six quarks and six leptons in its present form (1975). He served as president of the Weizmann Institute of Science (1988-2001) and established Perach, a national tutoring and mentoring project for Israeli undergraduates, which, since 1974 had over one million student mentors and school children being helped. Harari was awarded the Israel Prize, Rothschild Prize, EMET Prize, Harnack Medal of the Max Planck Society, medals from the German and Austrian governments and several honorary Ph.D. degrees and is a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences. He is also the author of "View from the Eye of the Storm: Terror and Reason in the Middle East" (2005). He is currently serving as the Chairman of the Management Committee of the Weizmann Global Endowment Management Trust in New York and as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of the Institute of Science and Technology-Austria. 


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