Heinz Robert Holliger

Musician (oboist, conductor); Composer; Musicologist
Humanities and Arts
Performing Arts
International Honorary Member
Holliger is considered one of the world's leading oboists, composers, and conductors. He is also a musicologist of eminent repute. He rediscovered forgotten works by 18th-century composers such as Jan Dismas Zelenka and Ludwig August Lebrun. He is a major advocate for contemporary composers. Holliger's oeuvre stage works via orchestral, solo and chamber music works to numerous vocal pieces. He studied oboe at the conservatories in Berne and Paris, and composition with Pierre Boulez. For many years he was a faculty member at the Staatliche Musik Hochschule of Freiburg. Holliger has toured worldwide as a soloist and conductor, and as a member of the Holliger Ensemble, a chamber group he founded. He is credited with having extended the technical range of the instrument more than any other oboist.
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