Hitoshi Murayama

University of California, Berkeley; University of Tokyo
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
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Professor of Physics. Contributions to elementary particle physics, ranging from formal results in field theory to direct participation in experimental studies. His early work on supersymmetric signatures at linear colliders had a broad impact on collider studies. His work on gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking is widely regarded as ground-breaking. His work with Nima Arkani-Hamed on holomorphy and exact results in supersymmetric gauge theories represents an important clarification of the issue of anomalies. His paper with Giudice, Luty and Rattazzi identifying a hitherto neglected source of gaugino masses has strongly influenced supersymmetric model building. In response to exciting experimental results in neutrino physics and astrophysics, he is participating in the KamLAND collaboration, and made significant contributions to the US KamLAND proposal. Murayama also made influential contributions at the interface of particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology. He is a recipient of the Nishinomiya Yukawa Commemoration Prize in Theoretical Physics.
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