Joel L. Fleishman

Duke Sanford School of Public Policy
Political scientist; Educator; Academic administrator; Foundation executive
Leadership, Policy, and Communications
Public Affairs and Public Policy


Dr. Joel L. Fleishman is the Professor of Law and Public Policy Studies and Director of the Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society at Duke University. He is the founding director of what is now the Duke Sanford School of Public Policy. Fleishman served as Duke University's first senior vice president and as Chairman of Duke University's Capital Campaign for the Arts and Sciences and Engineering. He began his career in 1960 as assistant to the director of the Walter E. Meyer Research Institute of Law at Yale. From 1961 to 1965, he served as legal assistant to the governor of North Carolina. He then returned to Yale, first as director of the Yale Summer High School, and then as associate provost for Urban Studies and Programs. In 1969, he became associate chairman of the Center for the Study of the City and Its Environment and associate director of the Institute of Social Science at Yale. He is also the former president of Atlantic Philanthropies (USA). He is the author of The Foundation: A Great American Secret--How Private Wealth is Changing the World (2007 and 2009), and co-author with Thomas Tierney of Give Smart: Philanthropy that Gets Results (2011). He is the author also of Putting Wealth to Work: Philanthropy for Today or Investing for Tomorrow? (2016)

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