John A. Agnew

University of California, Los Angeles
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Sociology, Demography, and Geography

John Agnew is Distinguished Professor of Geography at UCLA. His principal field of research and teaching is political geography. His interests include place and politics in Italy, European urbanization, and the geopolitics of the world economy. In 2019 he won the Vautrin Lud Prize in Geography.

Agnew has published on topics such as Mapping Populism: Taking Politics to the People (with M. Shin); Place and Politics in Modern Italy; and Rome (World Cities Series). Two of his books - Hegemony: The New Shape of Global Power and Globalization and Sovereignty - won the Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award. In 2022 he published a collection of essays under the title Hidden Geopolitics: Governance in a Globalized World.

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