John Albert Katzenellenbogen

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Chemist; Educator
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Research focuses on structure-function studies on hormones and receptors, and biomedical applications. In biomedical research, he has developed agents for in vivo imaging of hormone-responsive cancer of the breast and prostate that can be used to select more appropriate anti-tumor endocrine therapy and to assist in the development and clinical evaluation of new therapy agents. In pharmaceutical research, he has developed novel estrogens and anti-estrogens that have desirable tissue-selective and receptor subtype-selective activity, important for menopausal hormone replacement and breast cancer prevention and treatment and also showing promising activities in animal models of endometriosis and brain neuroinflammation such as multiple sclerosis. In biophysical studies, he has developed novel, fluorescence-based methods for studying the dynamics of the interaction of hormone receptors with their ligands and coregulatory proteins.
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