John W. Rogers

Ariel Investments, LLC
Investment banker; Company executive and founder (investment); Philanthropist; Presidential advisor
Leadership, Policy, and Communications
Business, Corporate, and Philanthropic Leadership
Pioneering investor and tireless advocate for diversity and opportunity. Founded Ariel Investments in 1983, today one of the nation's premier investment management companies and, with $6 billion in assets under management, the largest African-American owned fund in the U.S. Ariel gained a reputation as one of the best fund families, with Rogers one of the great value investors and one of the most socially conscious investors in the country. His passion and commitment for equal opportunity and social inclusion manifests itself in his philanthropic support of education programs for disadvantaged youth and his active engagement to promote social justice throughout the community. Served as chair of President Obama's Advisory Council on Financial Capability, a three-year effort to develop strategies and tools for educators, employers, and families. Honored with the Woodrow Wilson Award, presented each year to Princeton University alumni whose careers embody a commitment to national service.
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