Joseph L. DeRisi

University of California, San Francisco
Biological Sciences
Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology
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Research relates to infectious disease, technology development, and education. Pioneer in functional genomics. During his graduate career at Stanford University in the laboratory of Patrick O. Brown, he developed much of the automation, software, and methodology for producing DNA microarrays, which ushered in the era of functional genomics. First reported studies using a DNA microarray representing an entire eukaryotic genome (S. cerevisiae). Since he focused his efforts on infectious disease, including malaria and viruses. He provided a high-resolution transcriptome in 2003 for the blood stage of the human malaria pathogen P. falciparum. His lab deployed a viral discovery array to identify the SARS coronavirus during the global outbreak. Recently, he specialized in the use of ultra-deep sequencing technologies, sample preparation methodologies and bioinformatic techniques to identify viral pathogens in both human and veterinary medicine. MacArthur Fellow (2004).~~
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