Julia Elizabeth Annas

University of Arizona
Philosopher; Educator
Humanities and Arts
Her research extends broadly over ancient philosophy, focusing on the areas of ethics. Her major work has been philosophical exploration of ancient ethics, particularly ancient ethical theories and their structure, in which happiness and virtue are central. She has extended her project from Aristotle and later philosophers to Plato and later Platonists, and to some interactions between ancient philosophy and the ethical thinking of Hellenistic Judaism and early Christianity. She has written many articles and a recent book, Intelligent Virtue, on the nature and structure of virtue, and is working on the role of virtue in ethical theories. At present she is working on the relation of virtue to law in late Plato, Philo of Alexandria and Cicero, and she continues to work on ancient accounts of virtue, the recent revival of virtue in ethics, and ways in which ancient and contemporary accounts inform each other.
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