Kay Bailey Hutchison

U.S. Mission to NATO
Lawyer; U. S. Senator
Leadership, Policy, and Communications
Public Affairs and Public Policy
Her 20 years in the U.S. Senate were marked by bipartisanship and work of consistent quality on education, scientific research, health, transportation, national defense, and intelligence. She played a central role in the founding and success of The Academy of Medicine, Engineering, and Science of Texas (TAMEST). In the early 2000's, she was convinced that technical leadership in the state did not have adequate channels for mutual communication and collaboration, so she convened a task group chaired by Nobelists Michael Brown and Richard Smalley to recommend action. She participated personally in every meeting. The group concluded that an active academy, with membership defined by membership in the National Academies, would be most effective. It was to have clear purposes of allowing for much improved mutual knowledge among the community, facilitating collaborative research, fostering the recognition and development of the most promising younger leaders, and providing public leaders with technical recourse. Participants in TAMEST's first meeting were astounded to see her sitting attentively through every technical session over two days. They remain astonished by her dedication to TAMEST and to genuine research strength for Texas and the nation.
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