Kristi S. Anseth

University of Colorado Boulder
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Engineering and Technology
Dr. Anseth is a leading researcher and inventor in the field of biomaterials at the interface with regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.  She has shown how control of the chemical, biological, and physical properties of biomaterials enables one to probe fundamental cell biology questions and use this information in targeted applications in tissue regeneration. Her approach is unique in that she combines the ability to synthesize polymers having highly defined structures with an understanding of the molecular dynamics of processes at the cell-biomaterial interface. Her seminal work includes discovery of mechanisms for transmission of extracellular cues through cells and her innovative approaches for biomolecule presentation and biomaterial design have led to multiple products in pre-clinical and clincial testing. Her research blends modern molecular and cellular biology with engineering and quantitative methods to generate next-generation biomaterials for cell culture, cell and drug delivery, and tissue regeneration.  
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