Larry D. Kramer

Stanford University
Legal scholar; Educator; Academic administrator
Social and Behavioral Sciences
President, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The foundation is the world's largest private funder to mitigate climate change. It is also working to build a field of cyber policy and to redress the problem of political polarization. It has longstanding programs in education, support for the performing arts, land and river conservation, women's reproductive health and rights (family planning and access to safe abortion), women's economic empowerment, transparency and accountability, and open education resources. It is also a leader in developing research and ideas around the practice of philanthropy itself. Prior to this, Dean and Richard E. Lang Professor of Law. As dean, promoted legal education based on multidisciplinary studies, combined with clinical and problem-based approach. As scholar, made use of historical sources to develop novel arguments about American constitutionalism: that constitutional interpretation was meant to be the province of the people more than of the Supreme Court, and that the growth of political parties was crucial in making the Constitution work.
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