Leo Braudy

University of Southern California
Language and literary scholar; Educator
Humanities and Arts
Literature and Language Studies
University Professor, Leo S. Bing Professor in English and American Literature. Literary critic and cultural historian known for work on eighteenth-century British intellectuals, modern filmmakers, including Renoir and Truffaut, and wide-ranging studies such as The Frenzy of Renown (1986), From Chivalry to Terrorism (2003), and Haunted (2016), which deal with the development of fame, celebrity, masculinity, fear, and other broad topics from antiquity through the contemporary era. Early work on eighteenth-century figures Hume, Gibbon, and Fielding set a standard for cross-disciplinary analysis of narrative form, while his film work helped found the academic discipline of film studies. He has also published numerous essays on film as well as edited widely used anthologies of film criticism and theory.
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