Louis M. Gomez

University of California, Los Angeles
Social scientist; Education specialist; Educator
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Education specialist dedicated to collaborative research and development, with training in cognitive science research, involvement in urban education practice, experience in the uses of classroom technology to promote learning, and knowledge of the most forward-looking components of the information economy. Has worked to bring state-of-the-art computing and networking technologies into traditionally underserved schools, helping transform instruction and support community formation. With colleagues, developed, Design, Educational Engineering, and Development for longer-term, cooperative initiatives that move through repeated cycles of problem diagnosis, design, assessment, and redesign, all organized around high-leverage problems associated with the day-to-day work of teaching and learning in educational institutions. Recent publications include Education Reform in New York City: Ambitious Change in the Nation's Most Complex School System (2011), edited with J. O'Day and C. Bitter, and Getting Ideas into Action: Building Networked Improvement Communities in Education (Frontiers in Sociology Of Education, 2011), with A. S. Bryk and A. Grunow.
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