Luigi G. Zingales

University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Economist; Educator
Social and Behavioral Sciences
University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Chicago, Illinois ~Robert C. McCormick Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance. Research interests range from corporate governance to financial development, and from political economy to the economic effects of culture. Early contributions addressed corporate and international finance. Subsequently studied the role of culture in explaining how societies develop. Recently studied the kinds of policies that could best prevent a recurrence of a financial crisis. Proposed ways to address the too big to fail problem in the banking sector and strategic default in the housing sector. Analyzed the effects of the crisis on political support for markets. Co-developed the Financial Trust Index to monitor Americans' level of trust in the financial system. Currently assessing the effect of civic capital on the wealth of nations. Faculty Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research; Research Fellow, Centre for Economic Policy Research; and Fellow, European Governance Institute. Recipient of the Bernácer Prize (2003), which recognizes European economists under forty. Work has appeared in the Journal of Financial Economics, The Journal of Finance, and the American Economic Review. Co-authored Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists: Unleashing the Power of Financial Markets to Create Wealth and Spread Opportunity (with Raghuram Rajan, 2004).~~
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