Mitchell Duneier

Princeton University
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Sociology, Demography, and Geography

Mitchell Duneier is Chair of the Department of Sociology and author of Slim’s Table (Chicago), Sidewalk (FSG), Ghetto, and Introduction to Sociology (with Giddens et. al., Ninth Edition, 2012). His ethnographic film, Sidewalk (with Barry Alexander Brown. 2010) begins where the book ended and updates his stories of the vendors on Sixth Avenue in Greenwich Village. A graduate of the University of Chicago, he works in the traditions of urban ethnography that began there in the 1920s. Recent graduate seminars include “Ethnography and Public Policy,” “The Chicago School,” and “Ethnographic Methods.” Undergraduate courses include “Introduction to Sociology,” “The Ghetto,” and “Sociology from E-Street: Bruce Springsteen’s America.”

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