Nahum Barnea

Yedioth Ahronoth and Ha'Ayin HaShevi'it
Leadership, Policy, and Communications
Journalism, Media, and Communications
International Honorary Member


Nahum Barnea is a prominent Israeli journalist and commentator whose columns have much influence in Israel in the public policy arena on key issues. He began his journalism career at The Hebrew University, writing for the student newspaper. In 1967-1982, he worked for the newspaper Davar, becoming the paper's correspondent in Washington, D.C. Later he founded and edited the weekly Koteret Rashit. Since 1989, he has been the chief columnist of Yedioth Ahronoth, the biggest daily in Israel. He was awarded the Sokolov Prize for journalism in 1981. In a survey in 1998, he was voted one of most influential journalists in Israel. In 2007, he won the State of Israel Israel Prize. In 2007, he accepted an award from the president of Tel Aviv University for his unique contribution to journalism in Israel. In sum, he is an authoritative voice on some of the most critical issues in Israel and the Middle East.


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