Natsuki Aruga

Saitama University
Humanities and Arts
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International Honorary Member
Aruga, a leading scholar of US and women's history in Japan for over three decades, is an Honorary Foreign Member of the American Historical Association (2015) who received both the Yamakawa Kikue Prize and the Japan-United States Friendship Commission Book Award for her foundational book (rendered here in translation), A Social History of American Feminism (1988). Aruga ranges in subject from child labor in the 19th-century US and the employment of teenagers during World War II to appraisals of the "new social history" and second-wave feminism. She stands at the front-as a scholar, teacher, and organizational head-of American Studies and Women's History in Japan today. She served as president of the Japanese Association for American Studies and Executive Director of the American Studies Foundation of Japan.
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