Ofer Zeitouni

Weizmann Institute of Science
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics
Zeitouni, with co-authors Dembo, Peres and Rosen, proved the Erdos-Taylor conjecture, and gave a full description of the cover time and the exceptional points of planar Brownian curves. He derived large deviations estimates for random polygons, random integer partitions, and records, and proved entropic repulsion for lattice massless free fields in dimension 3 and larger. For random walks in random environments, he obtained with co-authors large deviations results, and quenched invariance principles in both the isotropic case and partially deterministic environments. He introduced with Guionnet sharp concentration theorems for Wigner matrices, and proved with her and Krishnapur  the "single ring" theorem for non-Hermitian random matrices. With several co-authors, Zeitouni recently contributed to the understanding of the extreme values structure of log-correlated fields, notably branching random walks, 2d-Gaussian Free Fields and log-determinants of random matrices.
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