Pamela Samuelson

UC Berkeley School of Law
Legal scholar (intellectual property law); Information scientist; Educator
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Richard M. Sherman Distinguished Professor of Law; Professor of Information. Legal scholar specializing in intellectual property and information technology. One of the top few public intellectuals in the field, Samuelson for the past three decades provided critical connections between computer science professionals, technology companies, information law and public policy, and the larger community. Pioneer in developing our understanding of the role of copyright law as it affects knowledge and innovation. In addition to dozens of articles in law journals, she has published dozens of articles in computer science and professional journals. Leader in developing public policy, by contributing amicus briefs to help guide courts with regard to high-profile issues, and by participating in many advisory committees and boards of directors of organizations concerned with issues of information and innovation policy. As part of her commitment to developing the law and legal practice in the field of information technology, she and her husband have endowed several law, technology, and public policy clinics at major law schools. Awarded MacArthur Foundation Fellowship (1997).
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