Paul DeWitt Carrington

Duke University School of Law
Durham, NC
Lawyer; Educator
Social and Behavioral Sciences


Professor Paul D. Carrington is the Harry R. Chadwick Sr. Professor Emeritus of Law and Former dean at Duke University School of Law. In addition, Professor Carrington is a former school board member at Duke. His subjects of research include civil procedure, judicial administration, and comparative civil procedure. Professor Carrington's books include co-authoring of "Justice on Appeal" (with Meador and Rosenberg), "Reforming the Court" (with Cramton), "Stewards of Democracy," "Anti-Corruption Policy" (with Rose-Ackerman), "Law and Class in America" (with Jones) and "Civil Procedure: Cases and Comments" (with Babcock). Since 2003, he has addressed numerous international gatherings on the subject of private enforcement of public law in the United States, with special emphasis on the transnational corrupt practices that since the 1990s all nations prohibit, but which most fail to inhibit. He is an elected member of the American Law Institute, an elected Fellow of the American Bar Foundation, and an Honorary Fellow of the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers.

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