Peter L. Strauss

Columbia Law School
Lawyer; Educator
Social and Behavioral Sciences

Betts Professor of Law at Columbia Law School Emeritus. Contributor in the fields of constitutional and administrative law, statutory interpretation and legal education, with scholarship and teaching materials in each field. Scholarship characterized by a pragmatic view of governmental institutions and their functioning, as also of statutory interpretation, and by interest in the reform of legal education. Known for work on the roles of political (President and Congress) as well as judicial overseers of administrative agency action, and resistance to conservative textualism. Served as the first General Counsel of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (1975-1977). Former Chair, ABA Section on Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice. Public Member and now Senior Fellow, Administrative Conference of the United States. Awarded the American Constitution Society's Richard D. Culdahy Prize for scholarship on Regulatory and Administrative law (2008).

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