Renata Elizaveta Kallosh

Stanford University
Mathematical and Physical Sciences


Renata Kallosh is a Professor of Physics at Stanford University. Prior to her appointment at Stanford, she served as a Professor at the Lebedev Physical Institute. Kallosh, with Ferrara and Strominger, discovered the attractor mechanism for supersymmetric black holes. Kallosh, with Kachru, Linde and Trivedi, formulated the KKLT construction. This provided the first controlled examples of stabilized string theory vacua with positive vacuum energy, describing expanding de Sitter cosmologies. This construction has played an important role in developing the idea of the string landscape. Building on this construction Kallosh, with Kachru, Linde, Maldacena, McAllister and Trivedi, developed a precise formulation of brane inflation-the KKLMMT model. This model has provided the framework for the first controlled example of small field inflation in string theory. She is the recipient of the Lise Meitner Prize and the Humboldt International Research Award.

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