Richard E. Cavanagh

Harvard Kennedy School
Company executive (investment, consulting); Academic and government administrator; Educator
Leadership, Policy, and Communications
Public Affairs and Public Policy

Mr. Richard E. Cavanagh is the retired President and Chief Executive Officer of the Conference Board of 12 years and now serves as the Adjunct Lecturer on Public Policy at the Kennedy School at Harvard. His teaching interests center on entrepreneurship and corporate governance. He has also served as the Executive Dean of the Harvard Kennedy School (1987-1995), partner with McKinsey and Company (1980-1988), and has held senior management posts in the White House Office of Management and Budget (1977-1979). In addition, he is the co-author of The Winning Performance: How America's High-Growth Midsize Companies Succeed (1985). Some of his other positions include Director of Fortune 500 companies, Trustee emeritus of Wesleyan University, and Chair of the Board of the Educational Testing Service (2006-2009).

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