Richard M. Locke

Brown University

Locke was appointed Brown University's 13th provost in July 2015, and named the Schreiber Family Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs in January 2018. 

He is the author of five books: Production in the Innovation Economy (The MIT Press, 2014, with Rachel Wellhausen); The Promise and Limits of Private Power: Promoting Labor Standards in a Global Economy (Cambridge University Press, 2013); Working in America (The MIT Press, 2001, with Paul Osterman, Thomas Kochan, and Michael Piore); Employment Relations in a Changing World Economy (The MIT Press, 1995, with Thomas Kochan, Michael Piore); and Remaking the Italian Economy (Cornell University Press, 1995).

For his ongoing research on fair and safe working conditions in global supply chains, Locke was awarded with an inaugural Progress Medal for Scholarship and Leadership on Fairness and Well-being by the Society for Progress in 2016. He received the American Political Science Association 2018 Dorothy Day Award for Outstanding Labor Research for the article he co-authored, "Does Compliance Pay? Social Standards and Firm-level Trade,” which appeared in the American Journal of Political Science, and he was named the 2005 Faculty Pioneer in Academic Leadership by the Aspen Institute. 

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