Susan Carol Stokes

University of Chicago
Political scientist; Educator
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Political Science
Tiffany and Margaret Blake Distinguished Service Professor, University of Chicago; and Faculty Director, Chicago Center on Democracy. Contributed to understanding of political dynamics in new democracies, especially in Latin America, and to empirical democratic theory. Studied the interaction between voters and the parties that wish to buy their votes, politicians who switch to unpopular policies, and the effect of economic development on democratization. Books include Brokers, Voters, and Clientelism: The Puzzle of Distributive Politics (with Thad Dunning, Marcelo Nazareno, and Valeria Brusco), Democracy and the Culture of Skepticism (with Matthew Cleary), Mandates and Democracy: Neoliberalism by Surprise in Latin America, and Cultures in Conflict: Social Movements and the State in Peru. Associate Editor for the Comparative Politics Series, Cambridge University Press. Won the Luebbert Prize from APSA Comparative Politics Section, Heinz Eulau Prize for Best Article, as well as Best Book Awards from the Comparative Democratization Section of the APSA.
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