Valerie Jane Bunce

Cornell University
Political scientist; Educator
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Political Science

 Professor Bunce studies democratization, the promotion of international democracy, primarily by the U.S., and inter-ethnic cooperation and conflict. Her primary focus is comparative politics and, secondarily, international relations. Her research and teaching address comparative democratization, international democracy promotion (primarily by the U.S.); and inter-ethnic cooperation and conflict. Her geographical focus is primarily east-central Europe, the Balkans and the Soviet successor states, though her comparative interests extend to Latin America.

She is the author, most recently, of Subversive Institutions: The Design and the Collapse of Socialism and the State (Cambridge University Press, 1999), and her articles have appeared, for example, in the American Political Science ReviewComparative PoliticsComparative Political StudiesPolitics and Society and International Organization, together with a variety of area-based journals and edited volumes.

She is currently co-authoring a book with Sharon Wolchik (George Washington University) , tentatively entitled: American Democracy Promotion and Electoral Change in Postcommunist Europe and Eurasia.

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