Winifred Mitchell Baker

Mozilla Corporation
Leadership, Policy, and Communications
Business, Corporate, and Philanthropic Leadership

Mitchell Baker, co-founder of the Mozilla Project, is an advocate for the open internet, open source, and the importance of connecting technology to its impact on individuals and society. As Chairwoman of Mozilla for the last two decades, Baker has been responsible for organizing and motivating a worldwide, collective of employees and volunteers who are building the internet as a global public resource, accessible to all. As CEO of Mozilla Corporation, Baker is focused on accelerating growth for the Firefox browser product and platform and developing products.

Baker guides the overall scope and direction of Mozilla’s mission and has written key documents that establish core commitments, including the Mozilla Manifesto in 2007, and the Mozilla Manifesto Addendum -- also known as the Pledge for a Healthy Internet -- in 2018.

She is a member of the Advisory Boards of the Oxford Internet Institute and the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, a Board Member of OpenMRS, Inc., and a former co-chair of the U.S. Department of Commerce Digital Economy Board of Advisors. She served on the United Nations High Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment, and the ICANN High Level Panel on Global Internet Cooperation and Governance Mechanisms. Baker received her B.A. in Asian Studies from UC Berkeley and her J.D. from Berkeley Law.

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