Changing Patterns of Marriage and Its Alternatives

Changing Patterns of Marriage and Its Alternatives Marriage is a form of relationship, with biological and social aspects, that both reflects and is influenced by other social institutions. This project was initiated in response to the widespread recognition, at the time, that the institution of marriage was experiencing profound but poorly understood changes. The Academy convened a group of anthropologists, sociologists, social psychologists, historians, economists, demographers, psychiatrists, and lawyers to document the major changes to marriage since World War II, analyze possible causes and consequences of those changes, and assess potential future developments in marriage.

Resulting Publication

  • Contemporary Marriage: Comparative Perspectives on a Changing Institution, ed. Kingsley Davis in association with Amyra Grossbard-Schechtman. New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 1985. Available from publisher.

Project Data

  • PROJECT DATE: 1979-1985
  • PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Kingsley Davis (Stanford University)
  • SOURCES OF FUNDING: Russell Sage Foundation, American Academy
  • COLLABORATING ORGANIZATIONS: Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences


Project Leader
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