Confrontation and Learned Societies


A rebellion of dissidents within higher education was a problem shared by many campuses and learned societies in 1968. Dissidents challenged the role of scholarship and science in our society and seriously disrupted the educational process. In 1969, the American Council of Learned Societies, of which the Academy is a founding member, convened its annual meeting to examine confrontation and challenges to the value of scholarship in society, as represented by learned societies. The resulting volume of essays concentrates on two themes of special interest to learned societies: (1) the nature and purpose of education in American society; and (2) the concern that education and scholarship coexist uneasily with applied research and service in the university.

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS: John Voss (American Academy) and Paul L. Ward (American Council of Learned Societies and American Historical Association)

Resulting Publication

  • Confrontation and Learned Societies, eds. John Voss and Paul L. Ward. New York: New York University Press, 1970. (out of print)


Principal Investigator

John Voss

American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Academy Member