European Missile Defenses


This study explored the following topic: Does Europe need missile defenses and against what manner of threat? This question was the cause of considerable turmoil and disagreement within NATO; the issues it raised were so complex and interlinked with other questions that the Allies found it difficult to reach a consensus. The authors examined the political and technical aspects of missile defenses, as well as the implications of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Agreement and the U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative.

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS: Jeffrey Boutwell (American Academy), Donald Hafner (Boston College), and Sir James Eberle and John Roper (both of the Royal Institute of International Affairs)

Resulting Publication

  • ATBMs and Western Security: Missile Defenses for Europe, ed. Donald L. Hafner and John Roper. Cambridge, MA: Ballinger Publishing Company, 1988. (out of print)


Principal Investigators

Jeffrey Boutwell