Human Migration: Patterns, Implications and Policies

Human Migration: Patterns, Implications and Policies Human migration is a worldwide phenomenon, spanning every epoch and encompassing many peoples, but one that had not been much studied by scholars. Motivated by this gap in knowledge, the Academy organized a symposium to encourage cross-disciplinary exchange on the policies, patterns, and implications of migration over time, and across and within national borders. Participants reviewed human migration patterns from the past to the present; analyzed the theory, causes, and implications of migration; and discussed policy responses to migration. Among the issues to emerge were the extent to which immigration will solve, or exacerbate, population pressures of developing countries and the right of states to restrict the emigration of their citizens.

Resulting Publications

  • Human Migration: Patterns and Policies, ed. William H. McNeill and Ruth S. Adams. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1978. (out of print)

Project Data

  • PROJECT DATE: 1976-1978
  • PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: William H. McNeill (University of Chicago)
  • SOURCE OF FUNDING: Lilly Endowment, Inc.


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