Japanese-American Relations

Japanese-American Relations This project brought together American and Japanese scholars and decision-makers to discuss the security problems of East Asia and the Western Pacific. Participants met five times over several years, in the United States and in Japan. Among the topics examined were: Japan’s security problems and defense forces; the nonproliferation treaty and its impact on Japan and other non-nuclear nations; Japanese-U.S. relations with respect to security and economic development; China’s impact on Japanese-U.S. relations; and analysis of Asian security situations. Final papers were assembled in a book on Japanese-U.S. relations in the 1970s.

Resulting Publication

  • United States-Japanese Relations: The 1970s, ed. Priscilla Clapp and Morton H. Halperin. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1974. Available from publisher.

Project Data

  • PROJECT DATE: 1967-1974
  • PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Morton H. Halperin (Brookings Institution)
  • SOURCES OF FUNDING: Johnson Foundation, Ford Foundation, Defense Policy Research Group of the Yomiuri Shimbun


Project Leader
Staff Coordinator