The Negro American

The Negro American Published as a double issue of the Academy’s journal, Dædalus, this study is a comprehensive survey of the problems and the status of African-Americans in American society. As President Lyndon B. Johnson wrote in the foreword of the volume, “Nothing is of greater significance to the welfare and vitality of this nation than the movement to secure equal rights for Negro Americans.” The Dædalus issues were critically acclaimed and well received. The Academy later followed with a comprehensive bibliography of research and writings on the Negro American experience.

Resulting Publications

  • The Negro American, ed. Talcott Parsons and Kenneth B. Clark, with foreword by Lyndon B. Johnson. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1967. (out of print)
  • The Negro in America: A Bibliography, first edition, by Elizabeth W. Miller. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1966. (out of print)
  • The Negro in America: A Bibliography, Second Revised and Enlarged Edition, by Elizabeth W. Miller and Mary L. Fisher. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1970. (out of print)

Project Data

  • PROJECT DATE: 1965-1967
  • PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS: Kenneth B. Clark (City College of New York) and Talcott Parsons (Harvard University)
  • SOURCES OF FUNDING: Carnegie Corporation of New York, American Academy


Project Leader
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