The Nuclear Weapons Freeze and Arms Control


The Academy's conference on a nuclear weapons freeze and arms control had its origins in the divergence that was clearly taking place in 1982 between the traditional arms control community and the freeze movement. Much of the arms control community viewed the freeze movement with skepticism and insisted that what was proposed would require many years at best, thereby robbing the freeze supporters of the expectation of quick and visible results that fired their movement. This 1983 conference at the Academy brought together freeze proponents, arms control specialists, government officials, and public interest group leaders in the hope that some differences could be resolved, the essential issues identified, and an agenda of work formulated.

Resulting Publication

  • The Nuclear Weapons Freeze and Arms Control, Proceedings of a Symposium held at the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, January 13-15, 1983. (out of print)


Principal Investigator