Commission on Opportunities After High School


This commission envisions a future wherein all students can choose, and succeed in, the path that best serves their needs and aspirations. Together, commissioners will address the various societal, economic, and education obstacles that impede a student’s progress by identifying and highlighting promising existing pathways from high school into higher education or directly into the workforce. Throughout this work, emphasis will be placed on expanding the possibilities for historically underserved students, so that multiple routes to success are broadly accessible.  Additionally, policies and practices that enhance these pathways will be highlighted to allow for the full participation of a diverse talent pool.  

Commission goals include: 

  • uniting K-12, higher education, and the workforce -- sectors that historically have been siloed; 

  • learning from multi-faceted perspectives through listening sessions and by building on the expertise of the Commission members; 

  • highlighting solutions that have increased economic and social opportunities for students within historically marginalized and underrepresented populations 

  • identifying successful policies and practices in states and localities across the country and could be scaled; and 

  • providing regional/geographic-specific recommendations that can be implemented in ways that respond to local priorities.  

By the conclusion of the commission’s work, members will have developed a set of recommendations to ensure students have multiple routes to success that are broadly accessible and are able to thrive and find rewarding jobs in an ever-changing global economy, empowering them to actively engage in society.



Project Chairs
Commission Members

Gilda A. Barabino

Olin College of Engineering
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia
Academy Member

Elena Fuentes-Afflick

University of California, San Francisco
Professor of Pediatrics and Vice Dean For Academic Affairs
Academy Member

Antonia Hernández

California Community Foundation
President and Chief Executive Officer
Academy Member

Santa J. Ono

University of Michigan
President; Vice-Chancellor
Academy Member
News & Updates

News & Updates