2020 Projects, Publications, and Meetings of the Academy

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American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Table of Contents

Projects, Publications, and Meetings

American Institutions, Society, and the Public Good

Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship
Making Justice Accessible

Education and the Development of Knowledge

Commission on the Future of Undergraduate Education

Global Security and International Affairs

Meeting the Challenges of the New Nuclear Age, Phase One
Meeting the Challenges of the New Nuclear Age, Phase Two: Deterrence and New Nuclear States
Promoting Dialogue on Arms Control and Disarmament
Civil Wars, Violence, and International Responses
Rethinking the Humanitarian Health Response to Violent Conflict

The Humanities, Arts, and Culture

Commission on the Arts
The Humanities Indicators

Science, Engineering, and Technology

The Public Face of Science
Challenges for International Scientific Partnerships
New Models for U.S. Science and Technology
Climate Change