Accounting for Fundamentalisms: The Dynamic Character of Movements

Martin Emil Marty and Robert Scott Appleby
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University of Chicago Press
Accounting for Fundamentalisms: The Dynamic Character of Movements (vol. 4 of series) Book Cover Accounting for Fundamentalisms

Edited by
Martin E. Marty and R. Scott Appleby
(Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1994)
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Table of Contents

Martin E. Marty and R. Scott Appleby

Part I: Accounting for Christian Fundamentalisms

The Dynamics of Christian Fundamentalism: An Introduction
Nancy T. Ammerman

Sources of Christian Fundamentalism in the United States
Robert Wuthnow and Matthew P. Lason

Imagining the Last Days: The Politics of Apocalyptic Language
Susan Harding

Refusing to Drink with the Mountains:Traditional Andean Meanings in Evangelical Practice
Tod D. Swanson

"Jesus Is Lord of Guatemala": Evangelical Reform in a Death-Squad State
David Stoll

Comunione e Liberazione: A Fundamentalist Idea Of Power
Dario Zadra

Accounting for Christian Fundamentalisms: Social Dynamics and Rhetorical Strategies
Nancy T Ammerman

Part 2 Accounting for Jewish Fundamentalisms

Quiescent and Active Fundamentalisms: The Jewish Cases
Samuel C. Heilman

Migration, Acculturation, and the New Role of Texts in the Haredi World
Haym Soloveitchik

By Torah Alone: Yeshiva Fundamentalism in Jewish Life
Charles Selengut

The Book and the Sword: The Nationalist Yeshivot and Political Radicalism in Israel
Elkzer Don-Yebiya

The Contemporary Lubavitch Hasidic Movement: Between Conservatism and Modernism
Aveizer Ravitsky

Habad as Messianic Fundamentalism: From Local Particularism to Universal Jewish Mission
Menachem Friedman

Part 3 Accounting for Islamic Fundamentalisms

Accounting for Islamic Fundamentalisms
James Piscatori

The "Normalization" of the Islamic Movement in Egypt from the 1970s to the Early 1990s
Gehad Auda

Palestinian Islamisms: Patriotism as a Condition of Their Expansion
Jean-Francois Legrain

From Radical Mission to Equivocal Ambition: The Expansion and Manipulation of Algerian Islamism, 1979-1992
Hugh Roberts

Izala: The Rise of Muslim Reformism in Northern Nigeria
Ousmane Kane

Authority and Community in Soviet Islam
Mark Saroyan

Two Roads to Revolutionary Shiite Fundamentalism in Iraq
Amatzia Baram

Part 4 Accounting for South Asian Fundamentalisms

Accounting for Fundarnentalisms in South Asia: Ideologies and Institutions in Historical Perspective
Robert Eric Frykenberg

The Function of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh: To Define the Hindu Nation
Ainslie T Embree

Hindu Nationalism and the Discourse of Modernity: The Vishva Hindu Parishad
Peter van der Veer

Redefining Muslim Identity in South Asia: The Transformation of the Jama'at-i-Islami
Rafiuddin Ahmed

"Remaking Ourselves": Islamic Self-Fashioning in a Global Movement of Spiritual Renewal
Barbara D. Metcalf

Christians and Competing Fundamentalisms in South Indian Society
Susan Bayly

Organizational Weakness and the Rise of Sinhalese Buddhist Extremism
James Manor

Movement Dynamics and Social Change:
Transforming Fundamentalist Ideology and Organizations
Rhys H. Willi